About Us!

We started with just toying with the idea of running a graphics business in 2016. Money wasn’t there for us to start just yet. In March of 2017, we finally invested in our first equipment, our cutter. This was to make decals all the way up to 28”. During this time our business hit a struggling point when we lost our son. We fought through the battles and in the middle of all those battles we continue to grow. Even though the hardship of losing our son, and the way the state of Wyoming looked at us, along with residents of the city, we continue to grow. In Aug of 2017, we purchased our second piece of equipment that kept us up in an uproar for a few months. We were now able to produce HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), HTV Clothing, HTV Mugs, HTV Hats, and HTV Plates. In the winter of 2017, due to personal life taking a tole, we slowed way down, but the summer of 2018 brought us a new adventure. We got into racing, no we didn’t race our self, but B D H Motorsports let us sponsor & decal all their cars, upon cars, upon cars. Bring us back up to speed, putting the fight back into our business, that no matter what was happening we weren’t failing. Aug of 2018 we fell upon a partnership until we can do our own, to do bumper stickers at a great price. Sep of 2018 we started looking into building a web page to host our store, this took until Oct of 2018 to get it right. We have thousands of designs being uploaded, almost a hundred a day, making us one of the companies with the most designs out there for any small, one person owned business. As of Oct 2018, we have a screen print set up. We are able to do 4 colors a shirt. In Oct through November of 2018, we hit a really rough patch. We were moving, our power company decided to take a month to turn power on. We ran a generator to moving forward. Even in the time we face battles once again, we did our first craft shows. Then in January of 2019, we got the Brother Cut and Scan, making able to do so much more than we were able to do before but limited to size. Also, in January of 2019, we started mocking up our shirts, to show our clients what they really will look like. This allows us to do so much more with our products, leaving us to once again redesign our website.
In Feb of 2019 we bout our first laser. Wasn’t the best and still looking to upgrade at some point, but this left us the only for miles that could laser engrave on small things. We took a step back from the business a month later to try and bring bigger income to move. Unfortunately that only last a month or two and I ended up starting a new job that led into big things for us!
July of 2019 brought HUGE new things. Begging of July we finally went out to the race track we have been help decal and sponsoring racing cars for over a year. We found they were struggling to bring back the track. So the second week we got in contact with the track owner and started making plans on being an official sponsor of the track. We took on this out of pocket in return selling at the track. The blessing in July didn’t stop there, two weeks later we came upon a commercial office for us, at a price we could afford. So moved into a bigger space and actually had an commercial address now. The blessing still didn’t stop in July, 4 days later, we were doing our second set up at the track and I ended up ripping my hand and arm open on the fence. How was this a blessing you ask? We found out the fan shack was not being used. So now we had a commercial office and a store front. Just wow, 2.5 years I would never of thought Dusty Road Graphics would come to this. So for 2020 we have big plans for the track!
Aug of 2019 was a dead month for us, struggling to keep up with all we had taken on at once. Then Sep 2019 hit and we knew we needed to do something, so we re-branded. Bye bye with the skull, hello dragon. We went from using Dusty Road Graphics to D. R. Graphics with a new logo. In high hope this will keep more clients in through the door!
So goals we have for Dusty Road Graphics. Our main one is to be is your all around the shop to go to. We are looking, as stated before, at getting into screen printing. Once that starts to take off, we’ll look into embroidery machine, then bigger and better cutter (that can do bumper stickers), along with a wide format printer, allowing us to do so much more like wraps. We aren’t stopping there, we want to get into hydro dip set up, along with a CNC cutter that will also do 3D printing, soft metals, plasma cutting, and laser engraving. We probably look be into other awesome things to provide for you as well. So stay tuned, like our page, check our website out, https://dustyroadgraphics.net/, and watch us grow, but we can only do with your help!

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